In October 2020, I participated in #Catholinktober. A month-long challenge for creatives to produce a piece of artwork each day guided by a set of prompts. I decided to create a set of golden ratio logos.
This is a compilation of the logos I made. I decided to do it in a zine format because I've done zines professionally before, but I haven't actually got to do an art zine. This is my first one! And I'd love to be able to make more issues in the future. Need a name for it first though. Major props also to the friends who encouraged me to do this Catholic Graphic Design Art Zine. I'm looking into a small print run too
Get the Zine for free through the link in my bio, or through this link!
Apart from the free zine, I'm also putting up the actual artwork for sale! You can get them as an icon pack on the same link. All 31 in scalable vector! Details are on the photos and the link. Hope this set inspires you!
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